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Our Beers


What's On Tap in The TastinG Room?

Oated Ella

5.2% abv. A very pleasing pale ale brewed with rolled oats and Ella hops from Australia.
*Beer To-Go: Growler fills


4.7% abv. Our New England Special Bitter is a New England take on an old British style – The Extra Special Bitter. Like the ESB, NESB is a bit of a misnomer, less bitter than many.other American and English ales. This beer has a well-balanced malt profile and a light copper hue.
*Beer To-Go: Growler fills

Berliner Weisse with Guava

3.7% abv. This kettle soured German-style ale has a tangy, sparkling mouthfeel. It was brewed with Guava, imparting a tropical aroma with flavor notes of papaya and lemon.
*Beer To-Go: Growler fills


5.0% abv. A pale straw colored German-style ale, brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts. Clear, crisp, and refreshing, with floral and herbal hop notes and a lager-like finish.
*Beer To-Go: Growler fills

Hoppy Saison

6.7% abv. This Saison pours a light golden color and has been dry hopped with a blend of aromatic hops. It is full of fruity esters with notes of bubble gum and tropical fruit. A delicate mouthfeel and dry finish makes this beer ever so pleasing to the palate.
*Beer To-Go: Growler Fills

Schwarz Side Barrel-Aged Black Lager

7.5% abv. This beer is a bigger, more robust take on a classic German-style. Its backbone of Munich and Pilsner malts are accentuated by a variety of specialty German malts. This beer was aged in Maple Bourbon barrels, imparting notes of oak and subtle sweetness.
*Beer To-Go: Not Available

Full Clip

6.5% abv. What began as an experiment using an English ale yeast to ferment our original IPA recipe, this beer has evolved into a delicious new beer altogether. Its malty backbone, coupled with an English Ale yeast impart notes of peach, pear, and pineapple. Those flavors are rounded out with a variety of American aroma hops, providing hints of citrus and pine. Well balanced, hop forward, and slightly sweet; this beer is sure to be please your taste buds.
*Beer To-Go: 16 oz. 4-pack cans

Double Clip

7.8% abv. A juicy, New England style double IPA, made with more than 3 lbs of hops per barrel, dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops.
*Beer To-Go: 16 oz. can 4-packs


5.5% abv. This beer drinks very smooth with a restrained bitterness and pours a rich, almost black color. It was brewed using chocolate malt and roasted barley; imparting delightful roasty and toasty flavors.
*Beer To-Go: 12 oz. can 4-pack


5.6% abv. Our American Pale Ale is the first beer we ever brewed! It has an assertive bitterness and a big aroma. It’s dry hopped with Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s and Idaho-7 hops.
*Beer To-Go: 12 oz. can 4-packs


5.8% abv. A balanced and bright IPA that has been dry hopped with Mosaic, Columbus, and Simcoe hops.
*Beer To-Go: 12 oz. can 4-pack


7.2% abv. Juicy, citrus, slight pine, restrained bitterness; dry hopped with irresponsible amounts of American aroma hops.
*Beer To-Go: 12 oz. can 4-pack



You can find our beers at bars, restaurants, and retail shops throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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